The Only Red Car

I'm a 23 something History Student soon to be a simi-adult with a B.A. working on an M.A (madness guaranteed to ensue). I’m a feminist, writer, historian (ish I guess), Fencer, and huge-tastic Geek all rolled into one.
The Current Fandom(s) I’m in are: Star Trek, The Avengers, The Hobbit/LOTR, Supernatural, a smattering of Harry Potter, and Food (because food totally has a fandom).
This Blog is body positive, sex positive, LGBTQIA positive, and just generally an aware blog. But If I do, say, or post something that isn't right, let me know and I'll work to fix it. I'm not perfect, I'm learning as I go along so just let me know.
I do try to tag my stuff so you can blacklist if you need to. But, ABOVE ALL If you ever need anything, anything at all please let me know. I like helping people, I love talking to people so my ask box is always open So whatever you need shoulder to cry on, someone to rant at, ask AWAY, and I hope you enjoy your stay!
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